“Salto! is the name of the annual dance festival for a young audience organized by Dansstationen. The festival presents around ten dance performances, workshops and seminars in around 20 municipalities in the South of Sweden each year. In October around 15000 young people get to watch a dance performance or take part in a workshop. Salto is Latin for “I am dancing!”

One of Europe’s biggest dance festivals
Salto! was soon a big success after its start in 1997 and now shows around 150 dance performances each year, mostly in a school context, but also more and more within a public setting. Today Salto! is one of Sweden’s and Europe’s biggest dance festivals for a young audience. The festival provides a network of regional presenters and an artistic selection of Swedish and also international dance companies.

How Salto! works
In February a selection of around ten dance companies present their work at out Salto! event and lots of municipalities and bookers go there to see what is offered this year. During October the companies who got their performances booked go on tour in the region Skåne. Dansstationen presents as well a selection of performances for the public but also for participating artists and for invited Swedish and International presenters. Salto! works with subsidies for booked performances and distributes funding between the municipalities pending on the amount of children and teenagers living in the specific region.

Salto!’s daily work is done by the producer who works the whole year with the network, the selection and the festival. Salto! is one of two integrated parts that constitute Dansstationen – Malmo’s guest venue for contemporary dance, with support from state, region and city.

Please note
The selection for the Salto!-festival 2023 has been made, and the companies participating, will be official in connection at the Salto! day Februari 6, 2023. If you would like to suggest your performance for Salto!2024, the most important aspect is that your performance is supported by public funding, that the performers are professional dancers/actors and that it has premiered so that you can enclose a link to a video of the full performance. Applications will be possible in this website from fall 2023.”

For more information about, please contact:

Vanessa Schmidt
Producer at Salto!