oct 15: ★PREMIER★ RÖRLSE FRIHET – Konstgruppen Ful

Date: October 15
Time: 7.30 pm (60 min)

Price: 180 :-
Supporting members: 130 :-
Student/Senior/u 26 years: 90 :-

The sound volume in the performance is intended for people over 12 years.

A dance performance about every person’s right to be free. Premiere together with Teaterföreningen BANG

Four artists, newly written club music from West Asia and lipsync remind us that queers always lead the dance of freedom!
A dance performance about every person’s right to be free. The art group Ful reminds us that freedom of movement is not free, but always worth fighting for! Through forbidden movements between the streets of Tehran and Swedish drag clubs, we get to follow the role of dance in both large and small freedom struggles. Baba karam and Bollywood share the stage with protest dances from different parts of the planet to highlight the struggle for freedom.

The work highlights the potential of commonality and the transformative power of individual actions.

Four artists, newly written club music from West Asia and lipsync remind us that queers always lead the dance of freedom!

About the art group Ful
Ful is the queer art group that has become known for its current, life-affirming performing arts experiences. They are active both in Sweden and internationally and have, among other things, made the acclaimed anti-nationalist Speech to the Nation in collaboration with musician Sara Parkman and Europa Europa in collaboration with the pop duo The Knife.
On a national theatre tour in the autumn of 2024.

Drag pre-party
Pre-party with drag and creativity fore each performance, we invite you to a workshop – a queer hangout open to anyone who is curious about and wants to try drag. There will also be an opportunity for creative and inspiring talk. The purpose is to warm up together for the performance and to really get the mood up, the artists also come and visit! Sign-up required due to limited places: ap@dansstationen.nu

Welcome to a queer pre-party hangout open to both those of you who are curious about testing drag as well as those who’ve already found their inner drag personas and want to dive a little deeper. We’ll be warming up together for the performance Rörelse Frihet – genom baba karam och andra danstillstånd, so come on down, get up in drag with us and meet other stars in your local area. During the pre-party we’ll also be graced by the performers from the show! All people and experience levels welcome!

Drag is resistance. We are raised to dress right, act right and not be “too much.” Drag throws this out the window, puts a finger up at the rules, and gives us the space to play, scream, shout, and let our queer joy shine out.
In this session, led by drag performer Sam Message we’ll be tapping into the joy that drives resistance and dragging up together in preparation for Konstgruppen Ful’s performance Rörelse Frihet. This will be a space for exploration that’s open for as much or as little dragging as you like. So whether you’re an old hat, a total beginner or a curious soul then come down to our little queer oasis and get ready with us! You also get to meet the show’s artists, who will join us at the pre-party.

Make up and costumes
We’ll be supplying various materials – make-up, costumes, and wigs – but we encourage you to bring whatever you have too, for that special personal touch!
Drag is a queer art form, but this session is open to all. We’re here to build bridges, learn about each other, and push boundaries. After all, we could all use a little more drag in this world.

About Sam Message
(They/them) is a multidisciplinary artist using queer & trans culture to build a more inclusive society. They are half of the artist duo Status Queer, co-founder of the Nordic & Baltic network of creators and activists ‘The Queer Agenda’, and co-founder of Gothenburg-based radical drag collective CULT. Their work in drag as the character ‘The Meatbaby’ combines the comedic, the bizarre, and the political to call publics to political action across eight countries.

George Chamoun
Parwin Hosseinia
Rani Nair
Mzamo Nondlwana

Creative team
Idea och concept: Konstgruppen Ful (Nasim Aghili, Malin Holgersson and Rani Nair) in collaboration with Björn Karlsson
Choreography: Rani Nair
Director: Nasim Aghili
Sound design: Malin Holgersson
Scenography and costume drawing: Björn Karlsson
Mask- and wig design: Mika Hedström

Workshop led by: Sam Message

Producent: Ett samarbete mellan Konstgruppen Ful och Riksteatern