About us


Dansstationen is Sweden´s biggest free venue for contemporary dance, and much more!
Dansstationen (the Dance Station) reaches out to 25-30.000 people each year with dance.
Our goal is to show contemporary dance for all ages, based on questions about body, gender, sexuality, identity, belonging or being excluded, and other themes that contemporary dance art deals with. Through our guest performances, the Salto Festival and our Touring Company we become a cultural guarantee that 5% of all children under 18 in our region get to see a professional dance performance every year!

Dansstationen have presented contemporary dance in Malmö and in our county Skåne, in the south of Sweden, since 1996. Since 2004 Dansstationen has resided in fantastic locations in the heart of Malmö at Palladium, a unique venue for dance and music.

Dansstationen consists of three different parts: national and international guest performances at Palladium in Malmö, the Touring Company and the SALTO! festival. The latter two components are aimed exclusively at a young audience. All told, Dansstationen reaches out to between five and ten per cent of the total Swedish dance audience.