Turnékompaniet has been coproducing dance for a young audience since 1999, with choreographers Wies Merkx and Erik Kaiel/Netherlands, Sasha Pepelyaev/Russia, Kajsa Giertz, Gunilla Heilborn, Dorte Olesen and Martin Forsberg/Sweden ,Tom Morris and Guy Dartnell/UK and Månteatern/Sweden.

Over the first 15 years we have performed 1000 times and have reached 100.000 people on tour all over Sweden and in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland.

Productions in our current repertory are:
UNTZ BABY UNTZ by MYKA and The Touring Company of Dansstationen (2022)
Hela Sanningen by C:A dans (2020)
Sixth Day Of The Moon by Dalija Aćin Thelander (2020)

For bookings and info, please contact:

Sofia Wickman
Producer Dansstationen’s Touring Company
mobil: +46(0)763 981 638
email: sw(at)dansstationen.nu


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Matta Matta 2.0 by The 100Hands (2019)
Sissy Bomb by Martin Forsberg (2017)
Alldeles absolut A by Claire Parsons (1998)
Vem vill vara Askungen? by Wies Merkx (1999-2000)
Glima by Sasha Pepelyaev (2000)
Levande livet by Wies Merkx (2001-2002)
Koreomagi by Wies Merkx (2002-2003)
Vem vill vara Askungen? by Wies Merkx (2003-2004)
Make Over by Kajsa Giertz (2004-)
England by Gunilla Heilborn (2005-2007)
Vi som fortfarande lever by Kajsa Giertz (2006-)
Fabel by Wies Merkx (2007)
Oogly Boogly by Guy Dartnell and Tom Morris (2008)
Made in Sweden by Dorte Olesen (2009-)
Brunst by Wies Bloemen (2010)
Lövet a co-prouction with Månteatern, Lund Lund (2012)
Vitt rum med röda flätor och sol a co-prouction with Månteatern, Lund (2013)
Tetris by Erik Kaiel (2014)
Dear Humans by Mari Carrasco (2015)
Matta Matta by The 100Hands (2016)
Sissy Bomb by Martin Forsberg (2017)
AAA by Claire Parsons (2018)