sep 22: TÅR – Kroppsklubben

Date: September 22
Time: 1.00 pm ( 30 min)

Target group:  From 6 years
Price: 80:-, children younger than 12 year: 60:-

TÅR (TOES) is a quirky dance performance where we finally get to turn the body’s hierarchies upside down and put the toes at the top.

TÅR is performed by twenty toes and two dancers to newly composed music. The whimsical sounds are made from toes themselves playing the instruments. To the beat of the music, the dancers are close to the floor at the children’s height and level throughout the performance. Inspired by the small child’s movements and obvious approach to their own and other bodies, we dance across the floor. We shuffle, crawl, roll, balance and tiptoe. The toes are individuals but also always a collective, one by one but constantly in contact with their loved ones. Our toes carry us through life, take us down to earth, gives us air under our wings and flies out onto the dance floor!


Creative team:
Creative direction, choreography & dance: Jilda Hallin & Lisa Nilsson
Music: Björn Lindberg
Scenography & Graphics: Annika Carlsson
Costume: Klara Helin
Light design: Tanya Johansson
Dramaturgy: Sally O´Neill
Producer: Hanna Falk
Film & editing: Gustav Hugo Olsson
Photography: Graham Adey