PROD PERFORMING ARTS: 15 jun – The Real World Talking – Chris Schenlaer

Date: Saturday jun 15th
In the Studio, 45 seats.

Ticket price: ”Proud Performing Arts – pin” – SEK 50, valid as entrance fee to all performances, depending on availability. It is also possible to pre-book tickets at Kulturcentralen. Then you pay 50SEK per ticket and event, and pick up your pin at the box office no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Performed in Swedish.

Lecture Performance by and with Chris Schenlaer – actress, lecturer and writer, currently planning for World Pride

Many of the classic plays are based on that the audience knows more than the on stage characters, who make what they think are free choices to escape their destiny. A Facebook thread becomes a classic drama, where the main character, like Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman” slowly falls apart in front of our eyes. One day in April, after a TV documentary about “The Trans train and the Teenage girls”, Willy steps into my Facebook thread. 


Dansstationen are proud to present the festival “Proud Performing Arts – Stolt Scenkonst” – to celebrate, promote and deepen performing art with LGBTQ + perspectives. The festival focuses on close and intimate artistic meetings and to raise issues about queer representation in the performing arts.

Proud Performing Arts are also a netwok, read more about Proud Performing Arts!


Friday jun 14 th
7pm on stage: ”Fröding never danced at a gay club in Damascus” – Apollo + artis talk.

Saturday jun 15th
1pm and 2 pm in tghe Golden Foajé: “Drag Queen Story Hour” – Miss Shameless and Lady Busty. 1pm for children age 2–4 + 2pm for children age 4–7. Only 30 seats.

5pm in the Studio: “The Real World Talking”, Lecture Performance about transfobia –  Chris Schenlaer. Only 45 seats.

7pm  on  stage: ”Pink Promises” – Malin Hellkvist Sellén /MHS + artist talk.

Sunday jun 16th
12-2pm at Blå Båten (The Blue Boat): Drag Brunch (we will soon update with more info).

3pm on stage: ”Pink Promises” – Malin Hellkvist Sellén /MHS