Oct 30: Rule – Unruly Gang

Date: October 30
Time: 7.30 pm (45 min)

Price: 100 :-
The sound volume in the performance is intended for people over 12 years.

Domestic dancehall deluxe at Dansstationen and Malmö Dance Week!

In the performance RULE, dancers from Jamaica, France and Sweden come together to share their love of dancehall. With no fewer than eight hand-picked dancers, the crème de la crème of the dancehall scene is presented.

Backed by a captivating soundtrack and with unwavering attitude, Unruly Gang delivers a fusion of dancehall and Afro beats. With uncompromising energy and raw moves, we encounter tableaus of explosively grand dance.

RULE is co-produced by Dansnät Sverige and toured during the spring of 2023. The great success led them to embark on another tour in the autumn of 2024.


Choreography: Rut Roos, Imenella Mohammed
Dance/choreography: Arnaud ”Lil Gbb” Burger (FRA), N’dathe ”Gato Waye” Sakhe (FRA), Grace Tala (FRA),  Amelis Nicoletti Riquelme (SWE), Younes Majri (SWE), Owen ”Upgrade” Reece (JAM), Tevin ”Killer Bean” Kadeem Shaw (JAM), Kevaughn Hutchinson (JAM), Sherlon ”Smood” Brooks (JAM)
Music: Rut Roos
Light design: Tobias Hallgren
Duration: ca 45min
Co-production: Dansnät Sverige, Dansens Hus
Photo: Chikhaida Chikmong

Tours with Dansnät Sverige autumn 2024