nov 9: STOR PRICK LITEN PRICK – Memory Wax

Date: November 9
Time: 11.00 am + 1.00 pm (30 min)

Target group: from 3 years
Price: 80:-, children younger than 12 year: 60:-

About bubbling dots and round sounds
About black holes and mischievous spots
About inside and outside
About smallness and bigness
About you and me, mine and yours
About big dot, little dot

With inspiration from the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s universe of dots, Memory Wax invites you to a suggestive dance performance. Together we discover the small in the big and the big in the small. We dare to step into the unknown where creativity and play are our lifelines. They take us forward, backward, inward and outward. We get to know ourselves and our surrounding world, our own fantastic universe.

Choreographer, idea and concept: Miguel Azcue, Johanna Jonasson
Co-creators and dancers: Rumiko Otsuka, Olo Tamayo
Composer: Johannes Burström
Scenography concept: Memory Wax
Construction, decor/props: Malin Kihlberg
Light design: Imre Zsibrik
Graphics projections: Sadik Salem
Film: Javier Garcia, Emma Ribbing, Silas Bieri, Alexis Rodríguez Cancino
Photography: Imre Zsibrik