aug 26-27: LOUD & QUEER / Part of Proud Performing Arts Festival

On 26 – 27 of August, a variety of scenic expressions are offered by and with queer authors. Personal, sweaty, intimate, musical, carnivalesque and joyful! 💦

Stolt Scenkonst is a festival that wants to experience and discuss performing arts by and with performing artists who all see the world from a norm-critical angle. What is the portrayal of queer and LGBTQIA and what does it look like? Experience a festival beyond the stereotypes!


Date: August 26 + 27
Time: 18.00

Ordinare: 100 kr
u26/stud/pensionär: 60 kr

Festival pass
2 shows: 160 kr
4 shows: 260 kr
(Student/Senior/ u 26 years 4 shows: 240 kr)

Inspired by the performances in this year’s Proud Performing Arts, Loud & Queer turns queer masculinity inside out. Both evenings at 18.00 you will meet,  the author Alvina Chamberland (current with the book “Love the World Or Get Killed Trying”), the actor Bengt Braskered (the TV series “Sisters” and screenwriter of the TV series “A Royal Affair”) and Ingo Cando (long-time organizer of the queer cabaret Wotever in London) and Robert Jacobsson (sexologist and PhD in Gender Studies on queer men’s anal sex). Moderator: Chris Schenlaer.