april 16-17: Chromatics / On One Condition – AdeY

April 16
in the foajé 7 pm
On One Condition on stage, 7.30 pm

Tickets: 160: –
Supporting members: 120: –
Student/senior/ > 26 years: 80: –

April 17
Chromatics, in the Studio 12 am
Tickets: 80: –
Supporting members: 60: –
Student/senior/> 26 years: 60: –

On one Condition 7.30 pm
Tickets: 160: –
Supporting members: 120: –
Student/senior/ > 26 years: 80: –

Two days with two different performances by Malmö based choreographer and photographer AdeY. His works are politically motivated by cultural and social events that are occurring throughout the world, exploring how society defines who we are and how we are perceived. AdeY returns to Dansstationen after the success of both The Millennials in 2017 and Gender Fuck[er] in 2016.


Chromatics is a multidisciplinary visual and performance art work performed by Khamlane Halsackda och Daniel Persson. A performance exhibition exposing the nude body in correlation with proximity and environment, and a study into how human interaction through common greetings can manifest into something entirely different. Chromatcs has been shown at Dansstationen at Room X and during Proud Performing Arts.


On One Condition is a bare bones, stripped back look at the world we live in. In his undying attempts at perfection, one disabled man attempts to hold the world on his shoulders in all its beauty and grotesqueness. Growing up in rural South Australia, Dan Daw first set foot on the stage when he was 12. Knowing no limitations, he then went on to forge an international career in London. Now 33, Dan takes time to reflect on the rollercoaster ride that has led him here. Drawing on stories from Dan’s lived experiences, On One Condition asks us to question our own perceptions of ‘normal’ as we invite you into Dan’s childhood home and on a journey overseas to share in one man’s undying search for perfection.

“Prepare to be surprised, confronted, elated, challenged, happy and sad but, above all, expect to have your expectations shattered. This work will stay with you.”

Broadway World


Choreography: Adey
Dancers: Khamlane Halsackda and Daniel Jeremiah Persson
Music: Greg Haines
Slide film: Alexis Rodríguez Cancino
Photo: AdeY

On One Condition

Devised & Directed by: AdeY
Performed by: Dan Daw
Producer: Peter Sunesson
Choreographic Assistant: Hazuki Kojima
Technical Assistant: Stephen Metcalf
Scenography: AdeY
Coproduction Dan Daw Creative Projects, Murmuration
Special Thanks Malin Astner & Eliana Oikawa & Susan Winter