Feb 18-20: AAA – Claire Parsons & Dansstationens Turnékompani

Date: Monday Feb. 18
3 + 6 pm

Date: Tuesday Feb. 19
10.30 am + 1 pm

Date: Wednesday feb. 20
10.30 am

Price: 80: –
Children under 12 y:
60: –
Duration: 45 min
From age 5

The performance AAA is a playful expedition investigating thoughts about how things really are. Curious and inquisitivem the three figures A, A and A explore their surroundings and build worlds along the way. Who are they really and where are they going? 

In 1998, Claire Parsons created “Absolutely A” for Dansstationen and this became the starting point for the Touring Company. 20 years later the Company celebrated with a new collaboration with Claire Parsons in September 2018! 

Claire Parsons Co. is an award-winning dance company making clever and elegant performing arts for children. Joyous movement and fanciful sightings of life around us make her performances relevant to audiences worldwide, like “Marmalade” and “And then…”. In August 2018 Parsons received the prestigious Cullberg prize from the City of Stockholm.  

Choreography: Claire Parsons
Dance: Andrea Deres, Jonas Örknér, Alexandra Göransson
Scenography & Costume: Anna Nyberg
Music and sound: Mikael Svanevik
Production: Dansstationens Turnékompani & Claire Parsons CO
Photo: Bodil Johansson