world pride at Palladium

Dansstationen present four performances that will be shown at the festival Proud Performing Arts under World Pride 2021.  Tickets will be released June 15.

August 15 – How to do things with Romance: a prologue – Ellen Söderhult
August 16 – A Sensoral Lecture – Sindri Runudde
August 18 – Alan Turing Opera Project – Albert Montañez
August 19 – Ribbon Dance – Frédéric Gies

More information about the shows>>

When buying a ticket to a show that is part of the festival Proud Performing Arts during World Pride 2021, you get a pin. This gives a discounted price on shows that are shown at Palladium under world pride. You pick up the pin at Palladium no earlier than half an hour before the show.