Aug 19: Ribbon Dance – Frédéric Gies

Date: August 19
Time: 6.00 pm (60 min)

This show is part of the Proud
Performing Arts Festival during World Pride

Price: 60 :-
Buying tickets for several shows 40:-
(Applies to shows at Palladium under World Pride 2021)

The doors to Palladium open 30 minutes before the show. The audience amount will be on a maximum of 50 persons.

When you buy a ticket to a show that is part of the festival Proud Performing Arts during World Pride 2021, you get a pin. This gives a discounted price on shows that are shown at Palladium under World Pride. You pick up the pin at Palladium no earlier than half an hour before the show.

Ribbon dance makes manifest the drives and forces that set off bodies or things in movement and the movement potential to self-generate, like a motor activated by its own energy. Although it inevitably communicate something else, this celebratory dance doesn’t seek to communicate anything but itself and the subterraneous currents that traverse it. Dancing to the beats of a techno set by Fiedel (Berghain-Ostgut ton), Frédéric Gies surrenders sensually and joyfully to these currents and forces and to the ways the two objects they handle (a ribbon and a chair) change the texture of their body.

Dance: Frédéric Gies
DJ: Fiedel
Ribbon ready made: Anton Stoianov
Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo
Research collaborator: Carla Bottiglieri
Photo: Thomas Zamolo