Oct 17: Black Rainbow – Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company

Date: October 17
Time: 6.00 pm (60 min)

Price: 200 :-
Supporting members: 140 :-
Student/Senior/u 26 years: 100 :-
Price: 180 :-
Supporting members: 130 :-
Student/Senior/u 26 years: 90 :-

The doors to Palladium open 30 minutes before the show. 

The performances of autumn 2021 at Dansstationen will have a seating plan appropriated to the current COVID-19 situation.

Virpi Pahkinen has been compared to an oracle, a goddess and a shaman. Her dance is described as majestic, magical and mysterious. Usually this globetrotter performs with the world as the home scene, this time she embarks on the Swedish roads.

Virpi Pahkinen is the dance-mystic who undoubtedly has created her own universe. Her work is characterized by an intensive stage presence and can be experienced as almost sacred. Pahkinen has, at the same time, the capacity to be interpreted as both spiritual and down to earth. Her unique movement vocabular has been compared with a nimble feline and a scorpion with the spear ready to attack. She confirms her position as one of Sweden’s most beloved choreographers with her sculptural idiom and poetic mantra – the most vigorous and headstrong.

Just as Pahkinen’s earlier productions promise Black Rainbow both mysticism and ritual precision. On a stage framed by mobile fabric sculptures create five dancers, including Virpi, a journey into the human body – strikingly beautiful with Pahkinen’s unmistakable movement language.

The dancers sharing the stage with Virpi come from a variety of disciplines and experiences; a breathtakingly fast locking-master meets a ballerina on tiptoe, and a yogi describes a barefoot meditation in the air. Black Rainbow becomes both concrete and mysterious in interaction with Jonas Sjöblom’s hypnotic music.

Black Rainbow is an inner journey. A cicerone, who chooses the detour and allows the dance-traveller to be free. Black Rainbow is a way out for those who blindly stares at googlemaps.

Black Rainbow is the fifth production by Virpi Pahkinen touring with Dansnät Sverige. Previous works have been Ichos (2018), Scarabé (2014), Morpho Z (2010) and Sal Mirabile (2007).

Touring with Dancenet Sweden spring 2021

Dancers: Virpi Pahkinen, Pontus Sundset Granat, Sofia Sangregorio, Victor Persson, Emmi Pennanen, Sakari Romero Tuurala (in some cities)
Choreography: Virpi Pahkinen
Light Design: Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)
Composer: Jonas Sjöblom
Live musician: Jonas Sjöblom
Music for vibrafon: Luca V. Lorusso with song arragement by Virpi Pahkinen
Poem: R Tagores What is this Melody i finsk översättning av Hannele Pohjanmies
Lighting design: Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)
Costume: Virpi Pahkinen
Costume manufacturing: Lilaro Skrädderi
Makeup design: Tuija Valén
Producer: Gita Mallik
Photo: José Figueroa