Mar 29: SÄLSKAP – Sindri Runudde

Date: March 29
Time: 7.30 pm (50 min)

Price: 160 :-
Supporting members: 120 :-
Student/Senior/u 26 years: 80 :-

The sound volume in the performance is intended for people over 12 years.


What is companionship and how does one become sociable? Is sociability a matter of how we communicate with our surroundings and each other? And how would it work if we were all seals?

The performance Sälskap (which is a Swedish play on words between “Säl”, meaning seal, and “Sällskap”, meaning companionship, and literally translates as Company of Seals) is inspired by the seal-human Selkie – an oceanic myth about a creature that is half seal, half human. With this fictional figure at the heart of the story, two dancers meet in a fantasy world where the physical body is affected both by homesickness and wanderlust.

Sälskap is a children’s performance for adults that conveys the utmost seriousness for the little ones. In a stage room filled with hand-blown glass beads, sequins and fake fur, the performance toys with the idea of being someone or something else. Maybe a seal?

To the sounds of clicking keyboards, selkies and digital letters are sent to our inner seal. Whiskerless, we step into a magical soundscape which oscillates between imaginary and reality.

Sälskap is a sensory immersion for all ages – an underwater world on dry land, where the audience can see, hear, and feel the dance.

Choreographer, dancer: Sindri Runudde
Glass artist: Anna-Lena Rudolfsson
Dancer: Anna Pehrsson
Sound Designer: Hendrik Willekens
Light Designer: Thomas Zamolo
Costume, set design: Juli Apponen
Outside eye: Anna Grip
Portrait photo: Graham Adey, Anna-Lena Rudolfsson, Kristina Groth
Photo: Thomas Zamolo
Coproduction: Dancenet Sweden, Norrlandsoperan

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