Mar 26: Snö – Dockteatern Tittut

Date: March 26
Time: 2.00 pm (40 min)

Target group:  From 4 years
Price: 80:-, children younger than 12 year: 60:-

Snow – a dance- and puppet show inspired by Sápmi, in cooperation with Dans I Nord.

Through dancing and puppets, life in the Sápmi mountains is portrayed. The snow creaks and squeaks. The ice breaks.

We follow a reindeer calf lost from the herd, who meets some of all the animals in the mountain world. Fast hares and rhythmic lemmings are enforced by sound effects and music, carrying the story forwards. Until the bear comes, big and relentless, but sleepy after hibernating. When winter becomes spring, the calf is captured and taken back to the herd, with a new marking of the ears.

Sami language has over 200 words for snow – lying on the ground, flying, sticky, hard, wet and icy snow. This white landscape is the backdrop of SNOW.

Participators: Pascal Janson & Niklas Blomqvist
Idea & drama: The ensemble
Direction: Sophia Segrell
Dolls, scenography & costume: Lisa Kjellgren Almstig
Music: Tobias Ulfvebrand & Hugo Therkelson
Choreography: Tobias Ulfvebrand & Hugo Therkelson
Sound design: Hugo Therkelson
Light: Robin Thorman