Mar 25: MALMÖ SCENFEST: open rehearsal of SINNES – VIKTOR FRÖJD

Date: March 25
Time: 12.00 + 2.00 pm

Part of Malmö Scenfest

Welcome to an open rehearsal of the performance Sinnes “Sinnes” is an ongoing work where Viktor Fröjd invites dance artists to discover each other’s worlds – through movement and conversation – in the present. The work is based on these encounters and what might come out of the exploration of each other’s sensuality.

Imagine a talk show, a dance warm-up, a meeting and a performance in one. Viktor Fröjd’s new work is something in between. With a sense of the power of movement, the full potential of the senses is explored through unique encounters. In “Sinnes”, we get to peek behind the scenes, into the dancers’ relationship with dance.

How susceptible can a tongue that has known a thousand flavors be? Does the ear that has been told millions of sounds need to rest? Can the eye that has seen so much detect anything more? Is the feeling of life itself a mind unto itself?