Mar 16: of itself : in itself – Humans & Soil

Date: March 16
Time: 7.30 pm (60 min) + aftertalk

Price: 160 :-
Supporting members: 120 :-
Student/Senior/u 26 years: 80 :-

The sound volume in the performance is intended for people over 12 years.

Live music, spoken word and eclectic dance reminds us of the body’s quest to be free.

The choreographer Marit Shirin Carolasdotter’s artistic work is characterised by her bond with the past and present of indigenous peoples. With Sami roots from Jämtland and a Kurdish Iraqi background, she addresses the Sami oppression and the despotism that most affects indigenous peoples.

Her first full-length work, of itself : in itself, is a personally charged performance featuring dance, music and a type of poetry slam. The contributions of spoken word artist Juvvá Pittja bolster the political weight of the show. Whilst his words highlight the Sami struggle, the dancers’ energy-intensive and ultimately exhausting choreography represent the pursuit of the right to their own bodies.

A compelling piece unfolds as the dancer’s feet, on a stage submerged beneath 1,000 litres of soil, explore physical memories passed down from previous generations, mapping out the ancestral knowledge rooted within us, an echo of the oppression our forebears endured.

The project is an exchange between Swedes, Sami and the Ainu people from northern Japan.

Presented by Dansstationen and Musik i Syd.

Tours with Dancenet Sweden spring 2022
For ecological reasons all travels will be by train.

Choreographer: Marit Shirin Carolasdotter
Dancers: Linnéa Sundling, Sebastian Björkman
Music, sound: Nina Nordvall Vahlberg, Annelie Nederberg
Text, dramaturgy: Juvvá Pittja
Artist: Kanako Uzawa
Lighting: Erik Wiedersheim-Paul
Costume: Anna Ardelius
Film teaser, behind the scenes: Sebastian Saury
Photo: Andreas Nilsson
Portrait photo: Robin Jalmén

Co-produced by: Norrlandsoperan, Dansinitiativet and Dansnät Sverige

With the support of: Dans i Västerbotten, Samiska veckan i Umeå, Riksteatern Hallunda Dansresidens 2020, the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Saami Council, Region Jämtland/Härjedalen, and Jokkmokk Municipality.

At Dansstationen, we follow the guidelines, rules and regulations set by the Swedish Public Health Authorities. Fore more information: