Jun 19: HÅR/T – Ziggi Willpower

Date: June 19
Time: 4.30 (30 min)

This show is part of the Performing Arts Festival

Price: 50:- per show, 100:- First time byers including pin
(Applies to shows at Dansstationen under Performing Arts Festival 2022)

The sound volume in the performance is intended for people over 12 years.

Hanging in ropes from the ceiling Ziggi Willpower uses threads, ropes, yarns and his own hair to manipulate his body into a story of hormones, hair, sexuality and being a body in transition. A moving, vulnerable journey on the edge of what is safe and comfortable.

“Hair growing in intimate places, hair that feels disgusting and hair that feels sexy. Ropes getting stuck in hair, rope growing from the body like hair. In HÅR/T use self-suspension, inspired by japanese rope bondage, to go on a journey into hairyness, pain, sexuality and my relationship to my body before and after starting testosterone as part of my transitioning. I invite the audience to witness something that is on the edge of what is normal and what is safe (both emotionally and physically), as I hang from the ceiling and manipulate my body with ropes.”