Jun 18-19: Delighthouse and the Dark room – Sindri Runudde

Date: June 18
Time: 7.00 pm (70 min)

Date: June 19
Time: 5.00 pm (70 min)

This show is part of the Performing Arts Festival

Price: 50:- per show, 100:- First time byers including pin
(Applies to shows at Dansstationen under Performing Arts Festival 2022)

The sound volume in the performance is intended for people over 12 years.

In Delighthouse and the Dark room, the audience is invited into a new dimension in a collage of practises, metaphors, dances, games, stories and pop cultural references in a wave of melancholic states. On stage five dancers examine audible dances and choreography with sound and listening as method.

The project plays with attention as orientation. A text written by ear becomes a story about a dancing body that we listen to. Through synesthetic starting points it challenges what can express a personal experience and be a dancing language. How can we put movement into words and sing a dance?

This piece is created out of different listening scores and somatic practises, that unfold a sonosphere that guides and holds the moving body. As a continuation of the ”queer healing aerobics programme” / dance piece ”The Fishingdance & other cosmic confessions”, Sindri collaborates with composer Markus B. Almqvist and experiment further with audible dances, and how music and sound can be a primary source for choreography and the perception of dance. In “Delighthouse…”, their collaboration extends into a wider process and a dialog with Sindris text and songwriting, blended with Markus compositions and music production. The sonic methods and songs express both a performance narrative, as well as somatic dance practices.

Starting from a lighthouse as a metaphor for the body, and the state between its capacity to both guide and warn, Sindri has created four dances that examine the space between what can be both a blessing and a curse. The performance meets darkness with humor, and suggests new ways to approach your melancholy.

The project works with a fictitious vocabulary and creation of new words and expressions in relation to the metaphoric body and the actual anatomy. By naming new movement qualities, existing as well as non-existing body parts or physicalities, new questions can take place along with a sense of agency around one’s own sensory experience and the dancing body.

This characterizes Sindris work with neologisms, titulations along with lingual and visual representation of somatic practice. This incorporates various aspects and interests of accessibility politics.

Sindri Runudde is a dancer and choreographer based in Sweden. Their work is characterized by a multi-sensorial approach to the body as a living archive. Sindri invites artists and creators to their process to examine and problematize how we experience the world around us through our senses and our perception. A musical and auditive method and perspective is central. Sindris work spans over several fields and includes sound art, visual art and performance. They are educated in contemporary circus and dance, and have worked with companies and institutions as well as toured their own works both in Sweden and internationally.

Markus B Almqvist is a composer from Sweden, with a background in Hiphop, electronic & contemporary art music. Since 2011, Markus has written music for stage & film in Sweden & abroad. He has studied at Gotland School of Music Composition and is currently studying composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Markus has also worked as a dancer/ performer for several years, with a dance background in Streetdance & contemporary dance.

Dancers: Sindri Runudde, Cajsa Godèe, Ellen Söderhult, Maia Means och Marvil Iglesias
Choreographer and songwriter: Sindri Runudde
Composer and music producer: Markus B Almqvist
Scenographer and costumedesigner: Juli Apponen
Light designer: Kerstin Weimers
Outside heart: Asaf Aharonson
Text consultant: Francesca Hyde
Producer: Sara Fors

With support from The Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Skåne and Stockholm City, in collaboration with Inkonst and MDT.