26-27 aug: UNTZ BABY UNTZ – MYKA & The Touring Company of Dansstationen

Date: August 26
11.00 am + 1.00 pm (45 min)

Date: August 27
11.00 am + 1.oo pm (45 min)

Touring schedule
September 16th Horsens teaterfestival Horsens, Danmark
October 1 – 9th Dansens hus, Oslo
October 16th Dansehallerne, Copenhagen Danmark
Februar 2023 at Dansstationen, Malmö

Target group:  6 mon – 100 year
Price: 80:-, children younger than 12 year: 60:-

UNTZ BABY UNTZ – an interactive dance performance where bass and techno meets children’s parties!

Here is the opportunity for you and your loved ones to discover the magical world of techno and celebrate the dance floor’s euphoric community together.

Inspired by the 90ts rave culture and the principle PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) in the word of the the club room’s world of pulse, smoke and neon lights, UNTZ BABY UNTZ is born – an interactive dance performance where bass and beats are mixed with baby dance.

UNTZ BABY UNTZ is a family performance for the ages 6 month to a 100 year! We invite babies, older siblings along with their adults to a fun-filled experience, where they can move freely together in the group or practice solo dancing. No child should have to grow up without techno. Techno is for everyone, yay!

In collaboration with and performed by original dancers Andrea Deres and Daniel Jeremiah Persson, and alternating dancers My Nilsson and Ray Roa.

Concept: MYKA
Choreography: My Grönholdt, in collaboration with the artistic team
Dance: Andrea Deres and Daniel Jeremiah Persson alt. My Nilsson and Ray Roa
Set design and costume: Tove Dreiman
Costume assistant: Fie von Veer
Technical producer and light design: Filip Vilhelmsson
Technician: Julia Friberg
Music: Erik Christoffersen
Consultant: Martin Forsberg and Dalija Acin Thelander
Photo and video documentation: AdeY
Graphic and PR: Anna Paulnitz
Administration: Jens Christian Jensen
Producer: Sofia Wickman
Co-production: MYKA and
Dansstationen’s Touring Company

UNTZ BABY UNTZ premieres at Dansstationen, Malmö on August 26th 2022