29-30 May: Smashing – S.O.J scenkonstproduktion

Date: Saturday May 29
Time: 13.00 pm + 15.00 pm (40 min)

Date: Sunday May 30
Time: 13.00 pm + 15.00 pm (40 min)

Price: 80:-, children younger than 12 year: 60:-

The performances of spring 2021 at Dansstationen will have a seating plan appropriated to the current COVID-19 situation. The audience amount will be on a maximum of 8 persons and each one will be seated on a place with the recommended need of free space.

For children and adults from 6 years and up.

The performance will be played with English text.

A winter holiday performance with many balls in the air for the whole family! “Smashing” is an observation of the Art of Tennis with love and humour, and in dance, theatre and music. The game, playing field and rules are related to with free associations, maybe as metaphors for the life we are living.

By and with the dancers Sara Ekman and Jonas Svensson plus musician Ola Simonsson – S.O.J