How WIZE are you? – PART II – Wize Guyz

Date: September 2
Time: 5 pm
Price: 40 kr

Come and experience breakdance in high-class , spectacular entertainment for the whole family.

Groups consisting of 4 dancers ” battling” against each other in this exciting competition organized by Malmö’s own ” WIZE GUYZ ” which has several titles in their luggage. Dancers from all over the world will be in place to compete to see who is the most ” WIZEST ” during the evening.

Acrobatics, dance , musicality, Charisma and Character will be the basis for the appointment of tonight’s best team . This you do not want to miss!

17: 00 – 18.00 Withdrawals
18:30 – 19:30 Quarterfinals
20.00 – 21:00 Semifinal & Final

Arr: WIZE GUYZ with Musik i Syd and Dansstationen.