Voracious – SU-EN Butoh Company

Date: oct 31 – nov 1
Time: 7.30 pm + artist talk nov 1
Price: 160 SEK
Members: 120 SEK
Student/Senior/u 26 y: 80 SEK
Length: app 65 min

SU-EN is a prominent figure in Swedish Butoh and is also the person who brought the art form to Sweden. In some of her earlier work she tackles physical and poetic concepts such as Cracks, 2008), Luscious, 2009), Blush, 2010) and Soot, 2011). Now it’s hunger’s turn.

In Voracious we meet bodily realities such as hunger, gluttony, desire, desire, thirst and desperation. Voracious builds on the body’s strong physical relationship to the world through instinct and driving forces. The work breathes soil and deterioration. But is also a love act where the body wants to taste and eat of the world to become one with it. Something dies so that something else can live. An eternal circle of life and death. The voice is central to the piece both as part of the sound image and as its own “body” in the choreography. Hunger has its special sounds, starvation, angry cry of desperation, grinning, sorrow. Breath.

Choreography: SU-EN
Music composition: Lise-Lotte Norelius
Light design: Ulrich Ruchlinski
Voice composition: SU-EN
Costume and room: SU-EN
Pictures from video art: SU-EN and Rickard Sporrong