Sep 11. AAA – Dansstationens Turnékompani & Claire Parsons – PREMIERE!

Tuesday, September 11th
1 + 6 pm
80: –
Chuldren under 12 y:
60: –
Duration: 45 min

From age 5


In AAA we are taken through a vast landscape, where a mountain range can pop up and where several different places resolve each other. A, A and A are three figures that guide us through the performance with movement, voice and music. Sometimes they change roles with each other and with the audience. What are the three A: na really and where are they going?

AAA is a soft and poetic dance show – a playful journey that explores, asks and turns up and down on different thoughts about what things really are.


In 1998, Claire Parson’s performance made Absolutely Absolute A for the Dance Station and 20 years later, the tour company celebrates a new exciting collaboration with Claire Parsons! Together with the dancers Andrea Deres, Alexandra Göransson and André Kaliff, as well as the scenographer Anna Nyberg and with music by Mikael Svanevik, Dansestation Turnékompani and Claire Parsons invite you to an undergraduate and investigative anniversary.


Choreography: Claire Parsons
Dance: Andrea Deres, André Kaliff, Alexandra Göransson
Scenography & Costume: Anna Nyberg
Music and sound: Mikael Svanevik
Production: Claire Parsons CO & Dansstationens Turnékompani
Photo: Andrea Deres & Anna Nyberg