Sep 11. AAA – Dansstationens Turnékompani & Claire Parsons – PREMIERE!

Tuesday, September 11th
1 + 6 pm
80: –
Chuldren under 12 y:
60: –
Duration: 45 min

From age 5

AAA is a playful expedition that twist and turn on the status quo of things we though we knew. Can you climb a mountanin upside down? What kind of world are we in and where are we heading? The three characters A, A and A travel inbetween the known and unknown, ending up creating their own realities along the way.

Join us on a journey where we explore and question thoughts about what things really are. 


Claire Parsons Co. is an award-winning dance company making clever and elegant performing arts for children. Joyous movement and fanciful sightings of life around us make the stories keen to audiences worldwide. In August 2018 Parsons received the prestigious Cullberg prize from the City of Stockholm. 

In 1998 Claire Parsons made Absolutely Absolute A for Dansstationens Touring Comany and now 20 years later, we are celebrating a new exciting collaboration! Together with the dancers Andrea Deres, Alexandra Göransson and André Kaliff, as well as the scenographer Anna Nyberg and with music by Mikael Svanevik, The Touring Company and Claire Parsons invite you to a celebration of their collaboration. 

Choreography: Claire Parsons
Dance: Andrea Deres, André Kaliff, Alexandra Göransson
Scenography & Costume: Anna Nyberg
Music and sound: Mikael Svanevik
Production: Dansstationens Turnékompani & Claire Parsons CO 
Photo: Bodil Johansson