Nov 26-27. BLACK FOREST – Norrdans / Mari Carrasco

Date: Monday 26 – Tuesday 27 November
The date has changed since our season folder was printed. We are sorry for this!
Time: 7.30 pm
Price: 160: –
Members: 120: –
Student/Pensioner/under 26: 80: –
Length: 45 min


Norrdans invites you to a performance that places the spectator in the center of events. Here the dances are surrounded by the crowd, just like the trees surround you in the woods. Black Forest is a forest that both attracts and challenges, an immersive experience at high pace and with extreme precision. The choreography is big and wild, with an uninterrupted drive that takes you to memories of childhood games. Jump over stones and stocks, graces of grass and miles of freedom. Black Forest is the forest you have to get through to reach your goals.

Choreographer Mari Carrasco got her breakthrough 2012 with the award-winning choreography Bartolomeo and the audience success Girls will make you blush got withering hot reviews. The collaboration with Norrdans international dance ensemble offers a hair-raising experience for the audience, who are placed directly next to the dancers on the stage.


Idea, concept and universe: Mari Carrasco
Choreography: Mari Carrasco in collaboration with the dancers
Choreography Assistant: Rita Lemivaara
Composer: Mikael Karlsson
Costumes: Mari Carrasco, Rita Lemivaara and Annette Hägglund
Dancer: Tomáš Červinka, Claudia Fürnholzer, César García Steensen, Viktor Konvalinka, Jakub Mędrzycki, Margherita Mattia, Anaïs Pensé, Verena Pircher
Photo: Carl Thorborg

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