Nov 25. OBS! SUPERVIKTIGT! (Note! Super important!) – Minna Krook

Date: Sunday 25 November 
2 pm
80 kr, children under 12 y: 60 kr
ca 40 min

From age 4.


Where on a dog can you pat? Where can you pat a friend? Do adults know everything? Do you have to sleep? Can crisps be dinner?

This is a show about ​​what is important in life, with lyrics, songs and beautiful kimonos.

With most serious, wisdom and tips, thoughts are shared on what is good to know about life when you are a child (and adult for that matter). A dancey and chatty performance that with humor and arduous bodies goes through the ABC’s of life.


Minna Krook is back with a new performance. Many of you know her through Borta!, Ah hallo bebis and Faunan och jag. Minna has made performances for children and youngsters since 1999. Borta! which has been played since 2004 has been nominated to ba classic by varoius dance critics. Minna blends dance, text, music and song in a low-key and humorous way to point out important things in life. The appeal and knowledge of the children’s audience is complete.


Choreography and Idea: Minna Krook
Dancers: Minna Krook, Melody Sheikh and Jonathan Sikell
Costume: Minna Krook
Photographer: Ozzy West
Vibraphone: Per Sjögren
Scenography / suit: Minna Krook
Music: Tomas Hirdman