Nov 13. TRACE ELEMENT – Helena Franzén

Date: Tuesday 13 November
7.30 pm
160: –
120: –
Student/Senior/under 26 y:
80: –
60 min


Trace Element is the third part of Helena Franzén’s trilogy that deals with the human memory and about what remains. Helena continues to explore the impressions from her work, how far can memories be stretched and formulated to fit into the life we ​​live today? What do we do with our memories, can we choose what we want to remember and control our forgetfulness?

In Trace Element, the dancers carries the physical memories from the previous works by Franzén, which leads to interpretations, fragments and revisions – new movements occur and something new takes place.
Trace Element is a reflection of the flight of time, over memories, of the grand and the small, of insignificant insights which can later prove to be decisive later life.

Helena Franzén is a dancer and choreographer and has been active for over 25 years. After her education at Balettakademin and choreographer education at Danshögskolan in Stockholm, she has created over 70 works. She has been touring Scandinavia, the United States, South America and the Baltic countries, and has done a variety of assignments for Skånes Dansteater, Norrdans, The EDge Company, London and Göteborgsoperans Danskompani. In 2014 she was awarded Gannevik’s scholarship. Helena Franzén’s work is recognized by a movement language with boundless variations, explosiveness and poetic presence.

Choreography: Helena Franzén
Dancers: Katarina Eriksson, Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, Erik Nyberg, Patricia Saliba
Music: Jukka Rintamäki
Scenography & projections: Håkan Jelk
Light: Markus Granqvist
Photo: Håkan Jelk
Producer: Lena Uhlander