My Mother (Min Mamma) – Charlotte Engelkes

Date: september 12
7.30 pm
75 min

Date: september 13
Time: 7.30 pm + Open stage
Length: 75 min + 60 min

Price: 160 SEK
Members: 120 SEK
Student/senior/u 26 years: 80 SEK

My Mother (Min mamma) – A Musical Documentary is a tribute to all mothers. With love, a gentle hand and glowing conviction, Charlotte Engelkes thanks our mothers for everything in her latest solo performance. We would not be who we are without them.

This somewhat crazy musical documentary embroils freshly made waffles, song and dance numbers about pills, cats, longing, drug abuse, as well as an endless trail of cigarette butts.
The portrait painted on stage could have been a dark one. But on the contrary, Charlotte Engelkes creates a loving tribute to all mothers at a breakneck pace and with brutally honest humor. At times, she is interrupted by her own mother, who was documented on film late in life. Here, her mother quips her own singular views on life, gnomes, motherhood in itself and the universe.

OPEN STAGE  13 SEP: After the performance, Charlotte Engelkes welcomes you to join her to an open stage where we all can perform our mothers, share stories and the impressions our present or absent mother left behind. The duration for the open stage is about an hour and is open for anyone who in some way wants to share their mother or for you who just wants to sit back and listen to the experiences of others.

Charlotte Engelkes is a cross-genre director and performance artist who confidently moves between dance, theatre, performance art and opera – all performed in her own highly personal style. Her artistry is characterized by humor, surprises, grandiloquent costumes and brilliant folly. Engelkes is a great stage personality – colourful, imaginative and downright fantastic.

Koncept and idea: Charlotte Engelkes, Sophie Holgersson
Direction: Charlotte Engelkes
Choreography: Charlotte Engelkes, Bo Arenander
Music: Willi Bopp
Text: Sophie Holgersson, Charlotte Engelkes samt Inga Engelkes och Ulfva Holgerssons kvarlämnade anteckningar
Costume: Anna Ardelius
Light: Karl Svensson
Video: Erik Pauser
Animations: Venus Krantz, Alessandro Stigiliano
Photo: Mats Bäcker
With support from: Statens Kulturråd, Kulturbryggan, Konstnärsnämnden, Sveriges Författarfond

On tour with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2017.