Den kosmiska havsträdgårdspassagen – Peter Mills

Date: Nov 5
Time: 12 + 2 pm in the Studio
For babies 2-18 months in the company of max 2 adults/baby per performance.
Tickets: 100 SEK, You only pay for the baby.
Length: app 45 min

Max: 12 babies in the company of 2 adults/baby per performance.

An interactive performance and installation for babies 2–18 months by choreographer Peter Mills. Den Kosmiska Havsträdsgårdspassagen is an exploration of the unknown wonders of the underwater, cosmic, and botanical realms of nature. The performance leads the audience through constantly shifting and contrasting visual, tactile and auditory stimuli. Mills offers the audience a calm and safe space to explore movement with the performers. The baby’s freedom to move, observe, and interact with the installation and dancers, shapes the performance.

Peter Mills, who is educated at DOCH (SE), The Rambert School (UK), and the University of Kent creates experimental performances, workshops, and actions under the name PETER (stateless).

Choreography and sound: Peter Mills
Dance and lighting: Peter Mills and Rachel Tess
Set design: Marta Cicionesi
Co-production: MARC, Riksteatern och Simrishamns kommun