Canceled! Dec 11. UNTIED TALES – Clara Furey & Peter Jasko

The performance is canceled!



As the audience enters the room, the dancers are already washed up on the stage. They are in a dark vacuum, a hallucinogenic world that can almost be described as a limbo. Here, we see only what the light reveales, a poetic duet where two defenseless creatures try to counteract the existential void inside. With an original movement language, they fight against gravity and the enticing sleep, but the legs give way and the force is pushing. Untied Tales is a dark story that reminds us of our ultimate, inescapable destiny … where all that is certain is that we do not know anything.


Clara Furey is a Canadian multifaceted artist, singer-songwriter, actor, dancer and choreographer. Together with the choreographer and dancer Peter Jaško, she has created the duet Untied Tales. Jaško is originally from Slovakia and is one of the founders of Les SlovaK’s Collective, which has previously been toured with Dansnät Sverige.


Creator, choreography: Clara Furey, Peter Jasko
Dancer: Clara Furey, Peter Jasko
Composer: Tomas Furey
Light: Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Primary artistic consultation: Catherine Gaudet
Light Assistant: Olivier Chopinet
Technical Manager: Karine Gauthier
Support for repetitions: Samuel Lefeuvre, Jamie Wright
Artistic consultation: Benoît Lachambre, Francis Ducharme


Touring through Dansnät Sweden