Dear audience!

 As things are right now, we can not meet and experience contemporary dance together at Palladium. But culture can offer both hope and a sense of community.

At the moment, we are finding new ways to continue being a meeting place for local, national and international dance life in Malmo, and for a dance interested audience of all ages.

The performances of fall 2020 at Dansstationen will have a seating plan appropriated to the current COVID-19 situation. The audience amount will be on a maximum of 50 persons and each one will be seated on a place with the recommended need of space.

What you can take part of right now is:

We are looking forward to the fall 2020, when we can continue presenting relevant and challenging dance for different age groups, based on discussions around body, gender, sexuality, identity issues about belonging or not etc within the field of contemporary dance.

Welcome and we will meet again soon!