April 28. Dance Day – a tribute to the dance!

Date: Saturday April 28
Tid: 11am – 1 pm
Plats: Stortorget, Malmö
Free entrance


Welcome to celebrate Dance Day at Stortorget in Malmö on April 28th. 11 am-1 pm.

Starting at 11.00-11.20 am we show Dawn, which is choreographed and performed by Love Hellgren and Kyrie Odas and Omar Khalil perfomes a solo from Not Visible / Visible choreographed by Graham Adey/Nya Rörelsen.
Dawn takes its starting point in the acts of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania during World War II, going against orders,he  helped refugees by giving them transit visas. With an abstract movement language, the audience is taken on a journey that relates to emotions and events from this period, but is as current today. Chiune found solidarity with humanity, rather than nation or ethnicity. Dawn takes hold of the light in the dark.

Not Visible/Visible is a dance theater where young people with widely different backgrounds search for a common voice through movement and explore what the concept of visibility really means to a young person today. The aim of the project is to bring the young people together and give them the opportunity to share their stories with each other and with the audience. To remove all the obstacles that divide our society into minorities through the power of motion. Several of the involved are new in the country.

“To me, it has been a new and challenging experience to work with others in this both raw and emotional format. I never thought I would share my story with so many people,” said Omar Khalil, one of the contributing artists.

 11.30-11.50 am Love Hellgren / Kyrie Oda and Omar Khalil again (They both go to Lund and dance there at 3-4 pm at the Domkyrkoplatsen – Omar is also dancing in the high court in the cathedral 29/4 11 am and both appear on Dunkers, Hbg must 30/4 12-13.00)

International Dance Day, April 29, was established in 1982 by the International Dance Committee, ITI-UNESCO. The date marks the ballet renewer Jean-Georges Noverre’s birthday in 1727. The day is celebrated around the world for the purpose of bringing together people across political, cultural and ethnic barriers to celebrate the dance in peace and friendship. In Skåne we celebrate Dance Day at the end of April since 1990.

The work is chosen by Skåne Danskollegium, which consists of representatives of Dansstationen, Skånes Dansteater, Danscentrum Syd and Memory Wax. Dansstationen coordinates the tour with the different cities, each of which is responsible for their local celebration of Dance Day. Since 2010, Swedish and Danish choreographers and groups meet an audience of approximately 2000 people in the project and 2018 is the ninth consecutive year for Dansens Dagturnén!


At 12-13 pm there is a mixed dance program of dance groups from several different styles like tango, street, funk, ballet and much more. Do not miss this morning, which is usually pure dance pleasure and a real energy kick!

12.00 Activ youth 1: Dance Fusion age 10-13, choreographer Mikaela Berglund

12.05 Hiphop age 8-10, choreographer My Hertzberg

12.10 Irave, Frida Schooner

12.15 Ana Tejera boys 9-10 år

12.20 Ana Catalan Tangostudio 1

12.25 Activ youth 2: Streetdance age 10-13, choreographer Rakel Lundström

12.30 Paulina Rosson, the belly dance show group Jannah

12.35 Malmö dansacademy 1 grupp

12.40 Tangostudio 2

12.45 Step Up, Lomma Frida Schooner

12.50-13.00  Arnbergs dansstudio


In connection with Dance Day we show “Dance for me” at 6 pm at Palladium. Tickets can be bought at the Kulturcentralen or on the door, one hour before the show!