11-12 oct: The Viral Dance – Ludvig Daae/Joanna Nordahl

Date: October 11
Time: 6.00 pm

Date: October 12
Time: 7.00 pm

Price: 160 :-
Supporting members: 120 :-
Student/Senior/u 26 years: 80 :-

Length: 120 min

The performances of fall 2020 at Dansstationen will have a seating plan appropriated to the current COVID-19 situation. The audience amount will be on a maximum of 50 persons and each one will be seated on a place with the recommended need of free space.

We become more aware of internets rapid spread. An article, dance video, song or an idea can reach millions of people in just a few minutes. This phenomenal is called “being viral” – but how does some things become viral and others do not?

Daae/Nordahl have in creating this performance used a data program which studies movement patterns. With the help of 250 dance video inputs the program could differentiate between individual dance movements and analyse different type of movements, time variations and geographical dimensions. The system learned to simulate viral dance and to create a whole new choreography – and the world’s first AI-generated dance was born.

Daae/Nordahl continue to explore with Viral Dance the meaning of being human in a modern society. In this multiplatform project we meet Ludvig and Joanna and their digital subspecies. The Viral Dance is a scenic act, but also an online treat, a collaborative exhibition, a performance installation, or perhaps simply the ultimate viral dance.

The movie maker Joanna Nordahl and the choreographer Ludvig Daae are behind the name Daae/Nordahl. The duo use Daae’s background as a dancer and Nordahl’s cinematographic experiences as a mean to explore and probe in meetings between physical and digital communication.

Their two previous creations MM and Hyperfruit have toured with Dancenet Sweden.

Concept, choreography, direction, performance:
Ludvig Daae, Joanna Nordahl
Producer: Sara Bergsmark
Set, light design: Chrisander Brun
Costume design: Tove Berglund
Composer, sound design: William Rickman
Technician: Björn Kuajara
3D artist (character design, animation, poster): Nicole Ruggiero
3D artist (character design, animation, poster): Jason Ebeyer, H+ Creative
Technical supervisor: Oscar Fernandez
Mocap technician/developer: Petros De Doncker, Target 3D
Mocap, technical supervisor: Ashley Keeler, Target 3D
Poetry, text consultation: Nick Drake
Weave sculpture: Jedda Daisy Culley
Textile painting / silk collage: Ehryn Torrell
Illustration: Daniel Taylor
Webb design: Theo Nordahl
Vlog trailers: Ossian Melin
Animation editor: Ahang Bashi
Coproduction by: Tou, Stavanger, MDT, Stockholm
Residency at: O Espaço do Tempo i Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal
With support from: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde, Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm
Photo: Chrisander Brun

Tours with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2020